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Welcome to the Ilm-Kreis

Landrätin Petra Enders

The Ilm-Kreis is situated just south of Thuringia’s state capital Erfurt and north of the legendary and historical Rennsteig trade route. The combination of tradition and modernity, economic strength and charming landscape creates a region with an outstanding quality of life. While the Ilm-Kreis is one of the corner stones of the Jena-Erfurt-Ilmenau technology triangle, it is also an aspiring technology region and high-tech location in itself. Its ideal position in the heart of Germany and convenient A 4 and A 71 motorway connections make the Ilm-Kreis the perfect business location.  A diverse cultural landscape and beautiful countryside make the Ilm-Kreis not only the ultimate place for families to settle, but also a magnet for tourists looking for a restful break and an ideal base for companies.Discover the multitude of opportunities, possibilities, incentives and innovations this region has to offer. People, nature and technology are all equally at home here..

Unterschrift von Petra Enders


Petra Enders
Chief administrative officer of the district


The Ilm-Kreis is my home.
This is where I can really relax, but also let my hair down and let off steam.
The stunning landscape, unspoiled countryside of the Rennsteig region and economic power around Ilmenau and Arnstadt make the Ilm-Kreis unique.
Its people and multifarious countryside are an integral part of my life.

Unterschrift von Andrea Henkel


Andrea Henkel
Multipe Biathlon World and Olympic Champion