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Ilmenau University of Technology

Lecture in the lecture hall of the Ilmenau University of Technology
© Michael Reichel (ari) 

Ilmenau University of Technology along with its internationally recognised achievements in research and teaching is the pillar of innovation potential of the Ilm region and its surroundings. Practically-oriented study programmes as well as a broad range of courses are complemented by an active transfer of technologies.

Ilmenau University of Technology has a 100-year-long tradition in the training of engineers. Starting in 1894 as a private technical college, the "Thüringisches Technikum", it took on the status of School of Electrical Engineering (Hochschule für Elektrotechnik, HfE) before becoming the Institute of Technology (Technische Hochschule, TH) and finally being accorded the title of University of Technology (Technische Universität, TU).
TU Ilmenau comprises five faculties: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Computer Science and Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Natural Science as well as Economic Sciences. Further central institutions are the University Computing Centre, the University Library, the Language Department, the Sports Centre, the Patent Information Centre PATON as well as the Centre for Micro and Nanotechnologies.

Engineering, Natural Sciences, Economic Sciences and Media Sciences are the pillars of today’s study programmes at TU Ilmenau. The complete changeover to the Bachelor programme will now be followed by the introduction of the Master programmes. TU Ilmenau offers 35 Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes. A Bachelor certificate awarded from TU Ilmenau already qualifies for a profession; nevertheless, it is assumed that the majority of students opt for a Master’s Degree.

The degree programme in "Education at Vocational Schools" concentrates on the subjects of Metal Technology (Mechanical Engineering) and Electrical Engineering. The Studium Generale, Europe Studies and Founder Studies allow the scientific analysis of interdisciplinary contents. According to a social survey conducted by the German Student Service Association (Deutsches Studentenwerk), Ilmenau is one of the most economic places to study in Germany.

The basis for an efficient and forward-looking education is scientific research, whose results are to be put into practice immediately. Aside from the active stimulation of university spin-offs as well as the recruitment of cooperation partners, this includes the design of new models of a public-private partnership with the University’s direct involvement under the corporate law of private companies.

The University thus engages actively in the regional (re-)construction and submits its ideas for a technologically characterised economic environment in the regional development plan. The number of technology-oriented enterprises that have settled around the University shows that Ilmenau and its surroundings are an ideal ground for innovative founders. In the last ten years approximately 60 enterprises that were founded by graduates and/or staff members have settled around the University. 

Technische Universität Ilmenau
Rektorat und Kanzler
Ehrenbergstraße 29
98693 Ilmenau
03677 69-0

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