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Emergency Services of the Ilm district

[stated fees apply to all calls from a German landline number, mobile phone fees may vary]

Phone: 110

Fire Service / Rescue Service / Emergency Doctor
Phone: 112

Emergency Fax for deaf peoplen

Help and Counsel
[Phone numbers free of charge, the phone number of the person calling won’t be displayed!]

  • For Children and adolescents: 0800 1110333
  • For Parents: 0800 1110550
  • Evangelic crisis line: 0800 1110111
  • Catholic crisis line: 0800 1110222

Ilm district hospital

Rescue Coordination Centre
(24 hours daily manned)

Reachable via Coordination Centre of the Ilm district

  • Doctors / Dentists of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians on duty
  • Public health officer on duty
  • On-call duty of the child protective services
  • Social-psychiatric service
  • Pharmacies on duty
    or see daily press
  • Mycologist, Apiarist / First aid for bee stings

Public health veterinarian on duty

Ask the Coordination Centre

For service of all practicing veterinarians please see daily press.

Poison Control Centre - Erfurt
Nordhäuserstraße 74
99089 Erfurt
0361 730730

Internet-URL (Faltblatt):


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Emergency Services
www.drk-arnstadt.de oder 03628 61900

Crisis intervention office
Please click here

Water emergency number Arnstadt
Phone: 03628 6093, after servuce hours: 0170 2779691

Water emergency number Ilmenau
Phone: 03677 64850

Gas emergency number e-on
Phone: 0800 6861177 [free]

Public Services Ilmenau
Phone: 03677 788222

Public Services Arnstadt
Phone: 03628 7450

Energy emergency number e-on
Phone: 0361 6525252

Emergency number for cancelling ec and credit cards
(central emergency number for cancelling ec and credit cards as well as electrical permits)
Phone: 116116 [free]

Federal Police
(in emergency situations at railway systems, airports, border checkpoints)
Phone: 0180 5234566 [0,14 Euro per minute or part thereof]

Radio interference / disturbance with reception
(concerning television and radio systems can be reported to the federal network Agency)
Phone: 0180 3232323 [0,09 Euro per minute or part thereof]

Lost property office municipality Arnstadt
Public Order and Traffic Department
Markt 1
99310 Arnstadt
03628 745-878

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Lost property office municipality Ilmenau
Regulatory Authority, Public Safety
Obertorstraße 1
98693 Ilmenau
03677 600215

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