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Reinraumlabor im Zentrum für Mikro- und Nanotechnologien

Germany’s best engineers...

graduate from Ilmenau University of Technology (according to Spiegel survey published in the summer 1998).
This top position is based on the following: Ilmenau University of Technology has got approx. 7,000 students and is with 1,300 staff members (incl. third-party funding) transparent, clear and manageable. There are short ways to go and this university offers space for individuality, personal contacts and synergy effects among the many different scientific fields. In Ilmenau students study swiftly, there are efficient strategies for teaching and research work is highly diversified.

Scientific work at Ilmenau University of Technology is broadly based and covers many topics. The following interdisciplinary fields are of most importance for the region:

  • Information and communications systems
  • Media technology, media economics, media science
  • Green technology
  • Image processing
  • Medical technology
  • IT
  • Micro-electronical and mechatronic systems
  • Market-oriented company management
  • Electrical engineering / powerquality
  • Mechanical engineering

At Ilmenau University of Technology education, students’ instruction and scientific work have always been offered in close cooperation with business partners and partners from practice. Companies such as DaimlerChrysler, Sony, Philips, Hella, Siemens, the broadcasting studio MDR or Bertelsmann appreciate this kind of education, these companies also employ many graduates from this university and support a lot of research projects. One has to emphasis that not only the major companies benefit from the excellent quality in education but also SMEs of the region use the direct access to scientific know-how and well-qualified graduates.
The combination of specialized skills and the vast opportunity for cooperation at Ilmenau University of Technology, the extramural research institutions and transfer institutions, which are located in close proximity to the university, form the basis for high creativity and efficiency for safeguarding high innovative power for the future.